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DaNell Boerup (Coach)

I have always been intrigued about energy healing, consciousness, and health. In 1997 while raising my 5 children, I embarked on some extraordinary classes with people who were far ahead of their time in energy healing. I learned to be very proficient with Radionics, Dowsing, Rapid Eye Therapy, Tapping and several other modalities.

I discovered that I could only go so far with these techniques and that frustrated me. Over the next few decades, I kept open to learning and experiencing new shifts. I tried many different modalities out there.

In 2019 I went through a difficult life experience that left me feeling dazed, depressed and full of self doubt. I was having hours of racing, repetitive, and looping thoughts. They were hard to stop and I was stuck in my head. All that changed within the next few short months. I learned how to go through those invisible imbalances. Others noticed my new confidence too. I could shine my light, my skills and show up for myself.

I support people on their self discovery and healing journey to find the clarity and transformation they have been searching for. I assist you to bridge the unknown to the known, unconscious to conscious with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results.

I brings over 30 years of experience in various energy diagnostics and treatments to be able to focus the sessions through dowsing, charts, intuition and breakthroughs. I assist you in re-writing your thought patterns and in improving your well being, health and life journey.

DaNell is currently an Advanced MAP (Make Anything Possible) practitioner and a master dowser. Former EMC2 facilitator, Rapid Eye Therapy practitioner, mother of 5, grandmother of 16, and a proficient country 2-step dancer.


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